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  • Martine
    During the pregnancy I отекать legs, so I quickly became a little tired, and the pain passed, it was necessary for a long rest. I thought it was high load on the spine. But when I noticed vascular figure standing, race ran for the doctor. It happens that I am a long time back. The doctor passed me a cream varicobooster. I did a full course of treatment, and the pregnancy, I got no problems with the veins. Now we are with my daughter to watch walk with a stroller, and problems with the veins not appeared. So, I recommend to everyone this cream!
  • Christine
    I work as a cook in the canteen of the school, therefore, pass on your feet practically the whole time. When I come home, legs hurt terribly, and when feet appeared in vienna, so I hide this defect under clothing. But the problem aggravated, so I had to resort to a specialist. After examination, the doctor recommended me to fix the clothes and cream varicobooster. I even didn't know that with work, can come without pain in the legs, swelling, also if were, after all, all this was варикоза. Now veins almost not visible, and the feet almost never hurts.
  • Michel
    I work with a truck driver on long distances, for this our entire lives, behind the steering wheel. This sedentary work and gave problem with the veins. Doctors to walk me once, so had asked his wife for she met me an effective tool. I started using the cream Varicobooster and I noticed immediately the result. Now the problem is gone, but, if in flight I always take this tool.
  • Marie
    Apparently, working in an office is only as good as feet, after all, most of the time I'm just sitting. But the lack of movement leads to a disruption of the blood circulation and causes varicose veins. Looking at the blue figure standing, I went to the doctor. He prescribed me a cream varicobooster and recommended to try during the work day to give some physical activity feet. I fulfilled all the recommendations, and have a month and a half my leg has returned to a healthy condition.
  • Sylvie
    I once bitched colleagues at lunch, after work, legs hurt and very swollen, so the worker gave me a cream varicobooster and argues that the problem quickly goes away. I had not seen vascular veins in the legs, but I decided to try. I use the tool only 10 days, and already had time to feel the difference. During the day, I felt as if I were flying on the wings, after all, the feet hardly get tired, and the pain after a day of me, almost didn't bother.
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